Analogital (from analog and digital). Technique which integrates digital processes, analog photography and classical pictorial resources in a new way.

METHOD (a brief recipe)

Start by taking pictures with analog camera, then digitized it by scanning. By other side, make a collage in classic way, using vinyl adhesive or glue, and intervent it with ink, pencil, oil pastel, and other classical techniques. Then, after the transformation, scan this intervened collage and mix it with the images previously taken with the analog camera, producing an unique image on which can apply digital effects techniques, until fuse all the proceedings and get the impression of were an unique image. Finally, print it on a big canvas or in photographic paper. Feel free to retouch again with painting in hyperrealistic style.

Serenata (1999-2011)

WORKS (a selction)



On 2011 Charif made a first analogital test, titled “Parfois, le dimanche…” (“Sometimes, on Sundays…”) in homage to Luis Buñuel. There are a first version of the same image, but without title, made in 2006, and a second version with some colour adjustments, used in 2007 as cover of Gesamtkunstwerk!, a music album recorded by Charif as “Victorio Lenz”. But the first works consider by Charif as completely analogitals are Meditation of Flesh (to Dimesland), Portrait of My Cook and Serenata. Finally, the first test using full colours is Zomb (definitive version from 2011, but with a few studies from 2007), also inspired by Dimesland’s music.

“Parfois, le dimanche…”

“Parfois, le dimanche…” (2006)

PROTOTYPES (selection)


In June 2018, appear the first edition of Narraciones simples (Simple Narratives), a book with 33 stories in Spanish which includes 33 images made with the analogical technique. Click here to see a free preview or buy the book via Amazon.


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