Although the form, content, and provisions for making books have varied widely during their long history, some constant characteristics may be identified. The most obvious is that a book is designed to serve as an instrument of communication—the purpose of such diverse forms as the Babylonian clay tablet, the Egyptian papyrus roll, the medieval vellum or parchment codex, the printed paper codex (most familiar in modern times), microfilm, and various other media and combinations. The second characteristic of the book is its use of writing or some other system of visual symbols (such as pictures or musical notation) to convey meaning. A third distinguishing feature is publication for tangible circulation. A temple column with a message carved on it is not a book nor is a sign or placard, which, though it may be easy enough to transport, is made to attract the eye of the passerby from a fixed location. –Encyclopædia Britannica.-

In 2018 has been published Narraciones simples (Simple Narratives), a book in Spanish with 33 short stories, but which we’re referring here due the first edition includes 33 images made with the technique that Charif calls analogital. The book is available in paper and digital versions via Amazon (here). (Note: more about that technique in the item analogitals, into the fine arts section.

Among the books and catalogues by and about Charif, we select here only the essentials (like Dos Cartas, Two Letters, the artist’s book with Fernando Arrabal and Milan Kundera, or like Profane Alchemy, catalogue-book that include his Incarnated Manifesto). Catalogues of groupal exhibitions are excluded here, such as Kaléidoscopies (organized in 2000 by the MAHB, Museum of Art and History Baron Gérard, Bayeux, France, with artists like Camacho, Dalí, Godard, Miotte, Sempé, Olivier O. Olivier and writers like Michel Butor and Michel Houellebecq) or La real irrealidad (The Unreality Real, organized in 2001 by the Fondo Nacional de las Artes -National Endowment for the Arts-, Argentina, at the international fair arteBa, in a selection that included Xul Solar, Batlle Planas and Jorge de la Vega among other Argentine masters). Nor are included the several catalogues from international art fairs.

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To see a preview or buy the book Narraciones simples via Amazon (available in paper and digital versions), please click here.


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