Because I never knew how to live out of my nature, I have always been someone who writes.
Perhaps the first part of the sentence should be finished before: because I never knew how to live. Although, sometimes, on a good day when I think that I know how to live, instantly I think that I must delete the word never and, when this happens, I feel wonderful. But it only lasts a moment. Quickly I return to the being that I am, and I write.
Because I don’t know how to live out of my nature, and even while it’s hard to define what exactly nature is, I can express myself with some accuracy only when I write.
-Gustavo Charif: first words of Aperture Card, introduction of Microfilms, Taipei 2016.-

Although for Charif writing was always his primary occupation, the nature of his literature brings him to work through years on his books, thinking always on write before publishing. That’s the reason why there are only a few texts and collaborations edited, while his first books begin to appear recently.

In June 2018 is released Narraciones simples (Simple Narrations), a collection of 33 short narratives in Spanish (available via Amazon here). Currently he is writing a series of poems and short stories in English, as well as keeping working for decades in three different novels and in a series of essays in Spanish.

He has just finished a script for a new feature film, from a proposal by the legendary Swiss artist and musician Dieter Meier.

You can read his LitBlog here (with entries mostly in Spanish, but also in English, Chinese and some other languages).

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