Ellos, con uno de nosotros (Them, With One of Us, 2003) · oil on canvas · 162 x 262 cm


THE ASIAN YEARS (2009-2019)

Living in the Southeast Asia, his works turn less baroque and more precise although not simple. His exhibitions in Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo, Taipei and a few in art fairs of Europe and New York, shows a mature style in painting while his conceptual works, experimental videos and writs are multiplied.


Invited by the Centro Cultural Borges, Charif presents the gigantic solo exhibition Alejandría (Alexandria), in the same showroom where, until that time, were the solo exhibition of Salvador Dalí. Alexandria showns for the first time the artist’s book with texts of Fernando Arrabal and Milan Kundera, and also the Libro Alejandrino (Alexandrine Book), a box with fourteen digital photomontages. But the main part of the exhibition was occupied by twenty-nine paintings on canvas, mostly of big size, and two tryptichs of four meters. The main feature of the series were blend harmoniously the diverse and even opposite techniques and styles that Charif explored through years.


Charif is gets back to Argentina on first years of Néstor Kirchner government, and soon he identify the “kirchnerism” with a new kind of fascism (something predictable due the first steps of Kirchner as Governor in Santa Cruz province, and natural due the Peronist roots of this “new” movement). Soon starts a series of works critical with Peronism/kirchnerism as well as with Peronist sindicates and organizations. In the past, Charif had a similar attitud doing satirical works (specially collages) against other presidents (like Menem and Fernando de la Rúa), but this time he made an entire exhibition with politc topic in a series of big oil paintings on canvas. The exhibition in the Sívori Museum (Buenos Aires, 2003) was lengthly covered by the Argentinian press, but in the other hand Charif became in a kind of cultural pariah in the country during the following years. In spite of this, his last public intervention in Argentinian art life was the release of his film The Reason (2010), maybe the most anti-Peronist film ever conceived and set in the 40s, during first presidence of General Perón.


The following is a small selection, due the number of works during those years, specially in France, range from the big landscapes and interiors full of expressionist characters in a kind of informalism ultra-baroque to -as Charif defines it- a “rotten Neoplasticism”.


In 1994, after the Putrefacturados series, Charif start to paint a series inspired in old masters works that impressed him on his early childhood (works by Baldung, Bruegel, Cosimo, Cranach, Crivelli, Jan de Flandes and Fouquet among others), combining the older oil painting classic techiques with other invented by himself. In spite of some informalist procedures and the presence of assemblages in most works, all paintings keeps the size and proportion of the source of inspiration.


After first years studing classical painting and drawing, and around eleven years old, starts to experiment with diverse techniques and all kind of materials on canvas, paper and stone: gouache, shoe polish, dyes, enamel, pastels, tea, coffee, inks, stones, objects, fire, glues.


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