Charif not gives interviews from 2004, with a few rare exceptions and for intimate reasons (once in 2006 for Argentine television, and three times in 2013 for Asiatic press). Charif will not give interviews nevermore.
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…and matching the band’s unclassifiable and pounding avant-metal attack, the Gustavo Charif-directed visual companion to the track is equally perplexing and deadly.
-Brian Coffey, for Indy Metal Vault, June, 2017.-

Apple Daily, Taiwan, December 2016.-

阿根廷藝術家Gustavo Charif的作品《樗》,表達出藝術應該不只發生在藝廊或美術館,而且不該只有少數人獨享。裱框的目的是為了「觀」,唯有知道怎麼「觀」,才有辦法好好欣賞身邊的事物。
China Times, Taiwan, November 2016.-

His signature style of eye-catching and inspiring artwork has given art a whole new aspect and this will surely affect the art lover in many ways. After all, he infuses so much freshness into modern art which have lost a lot of its shine in recent years as not many artists today take the road less travelled the way that Charif does, who seemed to have mastered this bit extremely well.
Arts.Com.My, March 11, 2013.-

For Charif, evolution is an essential part of his artistic journey.
The Star, April 7, 2013.-

If there is any indication that contemporary art is going through something of a renaissance, Gustavo Charif can lay claim to contributing to that notion. (…) It is artworks by the likes of Charif that speak a language that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational and economic barriers to enhance artistic appreciation and awareness. They also remind us that creativity and self-expression are essential to our humanity.
Focus Magazine, March 23-29, 2013.-

There are few artists who can claim their work to be prestigious enough -or even surreal enough- to achieve the honor of appearing in exhibitions alongside Salvador Dalí and René Magritte. Gustavo Charif is such a man.
Passions magazine, vol49, 2012.-

The painting of Gustavo Charif is exultant of incidents, is an endless circuit, a writing of fantastic shapes. (…) We need to being aware if we don’t want to miss crucial details due his artworks are situated in the crossing between magic and religious, heresy and mysticism that bring at mind the paintings of a Hieronymus Bosch.
Laura Feinsilber, art critic; Ámbito Financiero newspaper, 2002.-

If you don’t know Charif, you should do. His prolific career as artist brings him to explore all disciplines.
Sabrina Cuculiansky, journalist; Charif, a One-Man Band; La Nación newspaper.-

A kind of talented genius and multifaceted hard to describe.
Lorena Filomeno, La Razón newspaper.-

Gustavo Charif, the unveiling of the suns…
Christine Castro Gache, art critic and curator, Buenos Aires Herald newspaper.-

A mixing of child and millenarian being, Gustavo Charif can intimidate us by the amount of knowledge he brings. Cultured as few, nothing is unknown to him.
Florencia Canale, writer and journalist, Noticias magazine, 2004-

His work appears as the expression of a thought which cross the interest in alchemy, mathematics, religion and in biology readings. However Charif deceives us: where apear an alleged disorder, exists “his” own order, within which allows his permanent search. (…) Everything is revised in this exorcism of painting.
María Teresa Constantín: art critic; The Alchimist of the Painting, Tres Puntos magazine.-

…Because Charif covers everything. This attempt warlike, with warring elements, is offered with an impossibility: it’s very hard to describe his paintings, trying to be honest with his proposal. This means that maybe we can afiliate him to some aesthetic trends and give a name to his work. We can say he look alike a bit to Xul Solar, or that he has something expressionist and that his variegatled landscapes with its trickles reminds us Antoni Gaudí. However, Charif is all this but also very original and certainly personal. So much so that, we can postulate that Charif’s style is Charifaesque or Charifiesque as commonly we use Kafkaesque or Felliniesque.(…) For all this, those who know him say that he is a genius.
Laura Isola, art critic; The avant-garde is like this, Página 12 newspaper.-

Restless, multifaceted, Gustavo Charif cultivates staggering thematic that collect reality visions, attenuated by a lightly baroque air that adds splendour to the canvases.
Diana Castelar, art critic, Estímulo magazine.-

Gustavo Charif is Argentinian, has 36 years old and look like a rock star. But he’s a flamboyant and talented painter admired by famous intellectuals. (…) Elusive to the traditional circle of art, brilliant, promising, Gustavo Charif is here among us.
Claudio Savoia, investigative journalist; Viva magazine, Clarín newspaper, 2002-

NOTE: There are different writs about Gustavo Charif by Fernando Arrabal, like his “Dialogue with Satan” (originally in French) and articles published in Spain and France. The full texts with English versions will be coming soon in a special section of this website.

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